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“It is good that everyone may eat and drink and find satisfaction in all his toil – this is the gift of God.” – Solomon, King of Israel, a VERY long time ago

I am a person prone to bouts of fitfulness. I love change, adapting to a new situation, working through a challenge. I always feel a bit restless and so, after reading this I immediately thought, “This is what I want.” As soon as that thought was concluded, I heard the Lord say, “You can have it.”

In much of what will happen in our lives, we are utterly powerless. There’s nothing you can do to affect change. Situations, people and more will fluctuate in and out of your life and you really have no control over it. But there is one extremely powerful word in this quote that I think sheds light on this passage: volition. Volition is defined as “the act of willing, choosing or resolving.” As I was growing up, my father would often say to me, “Everything is a volition, Amanda.” He was right.

Perhaps you don’t like where you are in life right now. Maybe your schooling has been stalled, your job is non-existent or not what you’d like it to be. The bills are piling up. Family pressures are mounting. Maybe you feel trapped in your situation. Does Solomon’s quote mean that you and I will be in the perfect position throughout all of life? NO WAY! There’s a key word in his quote that ought not be missed. Notice he says: “find.” In the Hebrew language it means “to perceive, give attention to, discern, to behold.”

But what is it we are supposed to be finding, amidst our trials?


I am a huge word nerd. Always have been. Always will be. I’m frontloading you so you won’t be too surprised regarding the topic of my next sentence. In the Hebrew language, that word “satisfaction” means “good” on several different levels.

  1. Good in regards to “higher nature” (i.e.: beauty and finer things in life)
  2. Good in a sensuous way
  3. Good in an emotional way (i.e.: being glad, happy, etc)
  4. Good intellectually
  5. Good ethically

Now that is a lot of good.

So we can take our gift of volition and choose to see the good in our current life situation OR we can use that same volition and choose to see all the negatives that life invariably brings to all. It’s not hard to find. Ever. Yet contentment is key to having a life filled with joy. Wherever you are now, God wants you to find good in it. He will bless you as you find “satisfaction” in life, because it is a life He has given you. Finding satisfaction in daily occurrences, such as eating, drinking and working bring glory to God.

To take this concept of “good” just a little bit further, another interpretation of that word means “reward or benefit.” So if you or I have difficulty finding contentment and satisfaction in the present state of our daily lives (and we will!), ask God for it, because one thing is clear to me: this life is a gift from God to us.


  1. Kay said,

    Amanda this is amazing. I really would like to use it for a devotion….it speaks volumes

  2. Willie Mac said,

    Good thoughts, now if I would just believe them. šŸ˜‰

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