About Me


My name is Amanda Sass and I love to think, read, write, talk, learn about others and take an excessive amount of photos wherever I go. I dream big, try to travel often and enjoy the random situations I often find myself in. When catching up with people, ideally I should have espresso in some form. Otherwise it is not truly catching up, but only talking.

I am passionate about many things, wildly varying in nature, which makes managing my free time a fun – albeit challenging – task. My passions include: excellent espresso, languages, photography, literature, philosophy, world politics, social justice causes, pursuing knowledge, talking about the deeper things of life and gaining an ever-increasing understanding of people. I think so much and so often that I almost wish I had an off-button, so I could get eight hours of sleep once in a while.

Above all of these things, I am most passionate about my relationship with Jesus. He has always been the catalyst of movement in my life and as I pursue  a deeper relationship with Him, my various passions find a focus and concentrated purpose. I enjoy life with my God and have seen His faithfulness in the past, which reassures me of His activity in my life in the nebulous, undisclosed future.

Schooling & Professional life

I recently graduated college with a B.S. in Organizational Leadership and am in the midst of researching various academic and professional options. My load of debt has compelled me to return to the classroom before the seat had opportunity to get cold! I’m pursuing two special education credentials (Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe) and two master’s degrees (one in Special Education and one in Educational Technology). Ask me how I’m getting the degrees and I can tell you with no problem. Ask me what I will do with those degrees long term and you will get a less logical answer, that varies from hour to hour and is entirely dependent upon what kind of day I am having.

I perpetually seek opportunities in which I can write and develop my skills as a writer. I have hated the idea of blogging and have put it off for years, but am becoming increasingly convinced that the blogging of today may potentially be the journalism of tomorrow. So, having hurdled over the largest obstacle (making peace with the unpleasant sound of the word “blog”) I am making an attempt to throw myself into this unknown world. I’m a little nervous, but excited to work on my technique and I look forward to getting to know others via this communicative media.

I currently work at a school district, but am interested in pursuing work as a curriculum developer, web content writer, consultant (just to name a few) and am finding myself increasingly interested in learning more about the field of technology. At some point I hope to develop a niche in the writing market (I know it’s there, I just don’t know what the hell it is!), but as of right now all I can offer is thoughts and perspectives on life.

I welcome any questions or comments and look forward to getting to know the blogging community better!

PS – I’m currently freaking out about turning 30 and decided to commemorate it with another blog: http://www.thelast2weeksofmy20s.com 🙂

PPS – You can also find me on http://writingsass.com, which is my documentation of my move from Murrieta to Los Angeles. Another world all together!


  1. Amanda Sass said,

    I am so jealous… this is a fantastic website and I think just by reading about you, you must be a fabulous person. I tell you this only because I googled my own name, and came up with THIS website… which happens to be about a girl who shares my name! Not the first time I’ve come across another Amanda Sass, but it never ceases to amaze me! Just saying hi! 🙂

    • Amanda said,

      Amanda Sass! Wow, has anyone ever told you what a great name you have? =) I’m glad you stopped by. You’re not the teacher/boy (or was it girl??) scout coordinator from the midwest, are you? I know there’s a few of us roaming the globe. I move that there should be an Amanda Sass convention!

      I’m glad you stopped by and thanks for your kind words! Have a great week.

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